Garnet Rings Jewelry • Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

Garnet Rings Jewelry • Indian 925 Silver Jewelry


Silver rings with garnet gemstone


In this category you will find magnificent Indian garnet rings jewelry. The silver rings with garnet are handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry.
Garnets are gemstones with a gorgeous deep red hue. Garnets are also often found in antique jewelry.

Its temperamental, often slightly brownish nuanced red was a much sought-after gemstone colour in the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, Bohemian garnets from a site in the north-eastern part of the former Bohemia were world-famous. This real Bohemian garnet jewelery is traditionally set with many small stones - like the red sparkling, closely packed seeds of a pomegranate.

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Indian Garnet Ring ❂ Ethnic Design 925 Silver Jewelry

Charming Indian garnet ring ❂ Glittering gemstone with ethnic design silver decoration ❂ Handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry

43.90 *

Indian Garnet Ring ❈ 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Design

Magnificent Indian ring with facetted garnet ❈ Artful silver design of the ring head ❈ Indian jewelry art in 925 sterling silver

43.90 *

Indian Garnet Ring ❦ Vajra Design ❦ 925 Silver Jewelry

Magnificent Indian ring with garnet ❦ Ring head ornated with stylized vajra ❦ Handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry

67.90 *

Elegant Garnet Ring - Indian Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver

Elegant Indian ring made of 925 sterling silver with oval garnet in a noble red colour - a very harmonious piece of jewelry

45.90 *

Garnet Ring in Floral Design • Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

Indian ring in floral design with eight garnet gemstones in a glowing dark red colour • Jewelry art in 925 sterling silver

39.90 *

Indian Garnet Ring ☙ Ornament in Ethnic Style ☙ 925 Silver

Gorgeous ring with garnet Artful silver ornament in ethnic style Indian Premium jewelry handcrafted in 925 sterling silver

45.90 *
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