Carnelian Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry

Carnelian Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry


Carnelian Ring Jewelry made from 925 Sterling Silver


In this category you will find Indian rings jewelry with red carnelian - in an elegant, smooth silver setting or in a tasteful ethnic style with authentic silver decoration. The carnelian rings are handcrafted in India from 925 sterling silver.

About Carnelian:
The colour of the carnelian is very variable. The basic tone is red, which can range from orange to brown. Sometimes there are light inclusions and bands. The clear red tone of Indian carnelian is achieved by converting the raw stones into iron oxide under strong sunlight. Carnelian gemstones are relatively insensitive because they have a hardness of 6.5-7 on Mohs' 10-point hardness scale.

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Indian Cernelian Ring decorated • Ethnic Style 925 Silver

Attractive ring with bright saffron red carnelian ☙ Ring band decorated in ethnic style ☙ Indian art of jewelery in 925 sterling silver

41.90 *

Ring with Carnelian light red - Indian Jewelry from 925 Silver

Delightful Indian silver ring ☼ Shimmering light red carnelian gemstone in teardrop-shape ☼ beautiful setting in 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Delicate Indian Carnelian Ring ☼ fine 925 Silver Decoration

Dainty ring with shimmering carnelian gemstone ☼ Fine silver decoration ☼ Handmade Indian jewelry art in 925 sterling silver

33.90 *
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