Moonstone Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry

Moonstone Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry


Moonstone Rings Jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver


An enchanting play of light characterizes the moonstone. Its cause is the lamellar inner structure of the gemstone.The incident light rays are broken and scattered in the stone. This creates a unique light effect that makes Moonstone so unique and so desirable.

Much mystical and magical surrounds this gem. In many cultures, such as India, it is considered a sacred, a magical gemstone. In India, moonstones are also known as 'dream stones', which bring beautiful dream images at night. Wonderful moonstone rings made of fine Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver.

Create your personal collection with matching moonstone pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets.

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Indian Moonstone Ring adorned ❈ 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Indian ring with shimmering moonstone ❈ Silver adornment in a tasteful ethnic style ❈ Handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelry

45.90 *

Indian Moonstone Ring decorated • Ethnic Style in 925 Silver

Charming moonstone ring ☙ Ring band decorated in ethnic style ☙ Indian jewelry art handmade in 925 sterling silver

41.90 *

Indian Moonstone Ring ⚜ 925 Silver Jewelry Ethnic Style

Indian moonstone ring Tasteful ethnic style crafted in 925 sterling silver Jewelry art from India

43.90 *

Indian Ring 3 shimmering Moonstone Gems ☼ 925 Silver -50%

SALE -50%

Finish slightly imperfect

Ring with three shimmering moonstones ☼ Jewelry from India handcrafted in 925 sterling silver

22.90 *
SALE 45.90 €

Magnificent Moonstone Ring ❦ Indian 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Large Indian moonstone ring in oval shape Opulently decorated ring head Indian handicrafts in 925 sterling silver

53.90 *

Indian Moonstone Ring - attractive Design in 925 Silver

Indian moonstone ring in attractive silver design • Ethnic style interpreted in a modern way • Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Indian Moonstone Ring with artful 925 Silver Adornment

Large ring with a shimmering moonstone in an oval shape ☼ Fine silver adornment ☼ Indian handicrafts in 925 sterling silver

47.90 *

Dainty Indian Moonstone Ring ornated • 925 Sterling Silver

Delicate Indian ring with moonstone ☆ Shimmering navette-shaped gemstone tastefully decorated ☆ Handmade in 925 sterling silver

31.90 *

Enchanting Moonstone Ring - Indian 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Enchanting moonstone ring made of 925 sterling silver ☼ Delicate setting and artistic silver decorations ☼ Indian jewelry art

35.90 *

Indian Moonstone Ring finely decorated - 925 Silver Jewelry

Tasteful moonstone ring with fine decoration made of silver cord and silver bows - Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

35.90 *
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